Amazing African travel destinations with two passionate wildlife photographers in search of the perfect light

Magnificent locations

We love Africa and want you to experience why. We will take you to places where you will lose your heart forever. Africa is most certainly a marvelous photographic destination, but not all its beautiful places are right to have a great photographic safari, as the Photographer’s needs are not always met. We have travelled to every destination that we propose, ensuring everything we offer you completely satisfies your photographic requirements. Come and join us today!

The best guides

Some situations are absolutely best avoided! Local professional field guides play an important role in the success of a photo safari. They can, with passion and skill, make your experience unforgettable and you’ll fall in love with what they show and describe to you, but some of them can make you wish you could eliminate them! We have hand picked our professional guides to ensure your best experience, so you can leave that axe at home!

Obsessed with attention to detail

We are dedicated, devoted and take care of every detail. We offer the very best from sheer luxury to roughing it in the African bush. Whichever experience you want to live, you can rest assured that we put the same attention to detail into every kind of trip and the experience is always unforgettable . Your tastes may differ, but our commitment to excellence is always the same. Try an exciting adventure trip or join us for the ultimate photo safari in some up-market locations!

Improve your photographic skills with a photographer always at your side

24 MARCH - 1 APRIL 2018


There’s something about Chad and its undiscovered secrets….
Join us for a 9 day photographic trip across Chad, and be part of the mesmerized travelers who have experienced the untouched beauty of Zakouma National Park, a hidden gem and a must go destination for all photographers.
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2 - 8 JUNE 2018


Six adventurous days in Timbavati Private Game Reserve, with an unparalleled team of guides and trackers. Come with us and explore the African bush day and night! Many bush activities will keep you busy between game drives and walking safaris.
This year we have the opportunity to reserve one day microchipping rhino horns. Join us and give your contribution to help saving our rhinos!
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Andrea Galli

Linda Oteri

With us your imagination knows no boundaries!

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